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Built with passion, based on principle ...

I'm a picture trader myself and wanted a place to play. A place to collect and trade personal adult photos with other open-minded people but most importantly, a place where a sense of community could develop and new friendships could be made. is the place to do just that. Over the past few years we've seen new friendships formed, relationships kindled, memories shared, families expanded, and sadly enough... even loved ones lost. These are all things that can't be put on a banner ad or listed in a search engine but it truly is what makes ASO and the people that visit so special. The unusual part is that we're all different yet choose to look beyond the things typically used to segregate or label one another and accept each other for who we are rather than what we do. This diverse mixture of gender, race, sexuality, relationships, and lifestyle has appealed to so many that an ASO Resort is now being developed in Canada that will turn our growing online community into real-time fun. Come on in and meet some other open-minded people like yourself from around the world. Send them a message to say hello, post a few comments to their photos, or maybe even try sharing a few of your own. You'd be surprised at the fun you'll have and it only gets better from there.

- Bryan Ex

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Some information for those of you who are new to community amateur sites and want to know why we are unique...

ASOcommunity is a genuine community resource dedicated to helping open-minded adults have fun, trade photos, make friends, chat, play games, post personals, and enjoy being naughty with other consenting adults. These forums allow people to share ideas and information with one another and our community revolves around the nature of human sexuality in it's endless variations. We feature a combination of ways for adults to meet, play, and communicate regardless of age, size, race, or lifestyle. We are not just about the pictures but rather the real life friendships made while trading them.

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